It’s quite an obvious topic to be discussed and I don’t think none CAD Designer can’t preassume the prescription of this blog by its title. 

CAD works in engineering is really grown up and almost every industry especially Automotive and Airfraft industries use CAD softwares for their complex feature designs. 

This blog, I am writing to relate the CAD model with real life elements in such a way that a CAD engineer must know the mechanism and phenomenon behind changing the aspects of a 3D model, so that, he can determine and the changes for real elements. For e.g. If an engineer changes blade angle for the milling cutter in CAD Model, he must know the consequences of this change for the real physical milling tool. 

This blog is written for making sure that learning CAD software’s features is not an adequate thing even I have been working on CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, PTC CREO PARAMETRIC. There are lots of high end features that these softwares contain but using them in such a manner in which an engineer can optimize the real life elements would be the best thing can happen.